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Our Technology

Android TV App
Create your account with MSTV, search for and install “My Smile TV” app from Google Play marketplace.  MSTV dental TV app was tested to provide smooth playback when installed on Android TV attached to reception area or operatory room TV.  Install app on multiple android devices in your office if needed.
Online Content Management
Your MSTV account provides you with 24/7 access to online web content management system.  There is no need to contact customer support or pay extra fees for customization.  Personalize your marketing and patient education messages in minutes. Take back control of your own TV!
My Smile TV cloud
Our technology is cloud-based which translates into efficiency and cost effectiveness. MSTV quickly scales up infrastructure to address demand in computing, storage, and networking resources. We support extensive TV network running in large dental offices and dental franchises.
Content Delivery Integration
Utilize MSTV video and image dental content library.  Add your logo, videos, promotional graphics, and instant text messages. Link YouTube videos, RSS news feeds, and standard TV.  We utilize advanced technologies to integrate multiple sources of content to your waiting area TV screen.  
Dr. Val B.
Los Angeles, CA

I tried different options for our reception area TV including cable, DVD, and digital signage. My Smile dental TV channel is the winner. App is launched with the push of a button on TV remote control while content is top quality, fun, and informative.

Moreover, I can customize the messages we display in just few minutes. My patients are educated on modern dentistry and our specific treatments, supported by MSTV library and the videos we upload. With waiting room TV, patient communication and follow up questions on procedures are definitely on the rise. We are expanding the TV network to the operatory rooms, which is an amazing value considering low monthly subscription fee.

Thank you My Smile TV!